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Customer Testimonials 

“We have been buying our propane from Pirkl Gas for over 20 years and have never run out once. When we start our dryer in the fall, I let them know and they keep us full. 2009 was an especially wet corn crop and we never had any supply concerns since Pirkl Gas has made the investment in storage at their bulk plants. It's one less thing for us to worry about during harvest.”

-Bill Hartle-

"We have been buying petroleum products from the Pirkl's for over 55 years. My dad, Eugene Deml, bought fuel from Greg's dad, Vic Pirkl. Now the third generation is starting to do business together, Dustin and Terry Deml and Eric Pirkl. We have always received competitive pricing and good service for all these years."

-Robert Deml-

Deml Ag Partnership


"We have been buying our propane from Pirkl Gas for over 20 years. As our farm and fertilizer business has grown throughout the years, Pirkl Gas has always been there to fill our needs on time and at a competitive price."

-Brad Spinler-

Agrology Crop and Soil


"You can buy your propane anywhere, but the service we receive from Pirkl Gas is outstanding."

-Kevin Taaffe-


Kilkenny, MN

"We have been doing business with Pirkl Gas for two years and their service has been fantastic!"
Alan Buscho
"We've been doing business with the Pirkl's for 32 years since we started farming & we have had deliveries on time. One time when I needed fuel I called in and they were there 3 minutes later."
Grant & Barb Erler
West Concord
"Along with farm gas, I always come to Pirkl Gas to fill up my cylinders for ice fishing. They have great prices and fast service!"
Scott Ptacek

"We have been buying our propane for our food stand from Pirkl Gas for the last six years. At the 2014 Steele County Fair we had a bad regulator on our tank,so we didn't have enough gas pressure for our fryers. Customers were starting to back up in line. We called Pirkl Gas and they were on site to get us going within 20 minutes and everything ran smoothly after that. Their service has always been "top notch"."

-Jessy Bock-

 Ole and Lena's


"We have been buying from Pirkl Gas for many years and have always received excellent service and competitive pricing. We have always had on time, friendly service. 2009 the corn crop was extremely wet and our dryer never shut off. Pirkl Gas kept us full."

-Brad Ahrens-

Ahrens Farms


"We have been with Pirkl Gas for many years due to their great service, competitive pricing, payment options available and helpful advice when establishing LP contract quantities.  Ann and Greg are easy to work with!!"

-Elizabeth Olson- 

Dodge Center

"We switched our cylinder filling business to Pirkl Gas a couple years ago and I'm glad we did. The service and pricing has been outstanding!"

-Jay Nicolin- 

Sportsman's Stop 


“We have received reliable on time service from Pirkl Gas for many years.

They service our houses and our farming operations.”

-Quinton Eaton-

Eaton Brothers Farms


"I've been using Pirkl Gas for over 25 years. They have the BEST customer service and it is rare that another L.P. provider can beat their prices."
Dori Gregory
Dennison Meats
"We have been doing business for 35 years and have enjoyed excellent service and would recommend Pirkl Gas to anyone."
(From left to right) Duane and Kim Dietz, Grandson Kael, Mallory Dietz, and Kyle DeCoux 
Dietz Family Farms