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Commercial Landscaping Propane Safety

Investment in commercial propane-powered lawnmowers and landscaping equipment has been experiencing a tremendous growth in recent years. The reason for this increase in popularity is due to propane’s fuel efficiency, its affordability, and its friendly impact it has on the environment when compared to traditional fuels.

Watch this helpful video detailing the safe refueling of propane-powered mowers.

GIE Ease of Refueling from Propane MaRC on Vimeo.

This helpful brochure can help you troubleshoot your propane-powered mowers and landscaping equipment.

Introduction to Propane-Fueled Mowers

Here’s how ThompsonGas’ commercial propane can meet your restaurant’s gas needs at competitive and affordable propane prices.

    • Water Heating: Tankless commercial propane gas water heaters can save space and money to produce hot water for your restaurant’s needs. They can be installed inside or outside, and they offer economical, on-demand, endless hot water.
    • Space Heating: A rooftop commercial propane gas furnace can efficiently and quickly heat your restaurant while serving different zones in the kitchen and seating area. Newer units can reduce energy costs and produce variable airflow.
    • Cooking: Restaurants use 5 to 7 percent more energy per square feet than other businesses. Because restaurants use so much energy in the kitchens, choosing commercial propane gas is a smart choice. Commercial propane can fuel most of your kitchen equipment, including gas stoves, ovens, fryers, cookers, and more.
    • Fireplaces: A decorative commercial propane gas fireplace can be the perfect addition for your seating area. It can add ambiance and warmth, plus propane fireplaces can achieve fireplace efficiency ratings of more than 90 percent.
    • Patio Amenities: Radiant heaters, wall sconces, and tiki torches maximize your curb appeal. Propane patio heaters can extend your restaurant’s outdoor season. Fire pits, hearths and other outdoor flame features offer a cozy, warm place to gather on your courtyard or patio.
    • Propane Tank: Your restaurant’s energy needs may require several commercial propane tanks. Because our tanks can be buried underground, this preserves your parking and views from the patio areas.

If your commercial business is developing green initiatives or looking for more efficient energy solutions, then our commercial propane gas is the perfect option. Call us today at 800-768-6612 to learn more about our commercial propane gas services.

PDF Courtesy of Propane Education & Research Council