Please follow these instructions when using your new propane fireplace. Make sure all items have been removed from bottom of the fireplace. This includes owner’s manual, wall thermostat (standard with some fireplace models), bags of embers or coals and any other foreign object(s) that should not be located there. Make sure all electrical wires by valve area are not touching fireplace floor, which could cause melting of wire casing. Make sure remote control receiver (optional) is located to the extreme right front corner, which will be the coolest area below the fireplace. If there has been any item melted, remove residue and cure unit as described below. If the item melted, but no residue was left on unit, still proceed to cure unit as described below.

Remove all construction debris and dust from unit. This includes outside of top and side of unit, heat exchanger area, valve and blower area. Vacuum entire area out and then wipe down all area described above with denatured alcohol. Use long pliers with soaked alcohol rag to clean all areas by blowers and heat exchanger area.

To cure any unit, the unit must be burned for 40-50 hours, running a minimum of 10 hours straight for four or five times. In some cases this could be shorter or possibly longer. Larger BTU units will cure in a shorter amount of time. Smaller BTU units will take longer to cure. Units with tall vertical venting will take longer to cure as the unit will circulate more air and run cooler than units vented horizontally. Turn unit on, flame must be set on high, blower must be turned on LOW. Make sure the unit will not cycle. Bypass any thermostat connected to the unit. Keep track of the smell from day to day. The odor should become less noticeable. Burn unit until smell is gone.