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Engine Oil

Engine Oil

Choose Propane To Fuel Your Company’s Fleet

When it comes to powering your business vehicles and equipment, propane fuel is the wise choice! From forklifts to buses, high mileage police cruisers to landscaping equipment, an onsite propane fueling station coupled with vehicles capable of operating on this incredible fuel source can not only add to your bottom line, it will also reduce operating expenses.

Consider the following benefits:

  • Alternative fuel tax credits for every gallon of propane purchased.
  • The ability to fill your emergency vehicles right on site, saving time and money.
  • The community will appreciate your commitment to helping maintaining a green environment.
  • A decrease in your fleet’s maintenance costs.
  • An increase in your fleet’s engine life.
  • Your business will be supporting a domestically produced fuel, no longer being reliant on foreign imports of oil.

To learn more about converting your business fleet to propane, please call ThompsonGas today at 800-768-6612.