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Fleet Vehicles

Fleet vehicles, buses, work trucks, fork lifts, and lawn equipment can now benefit from versatile, reliable and economical propane fuel.

Propane can meet the performance needs of high-mileage, high-runtime vehicles and equipment that range from large, powerful police cruisers, bus and truck fleets, and forklifts and lawn equipment. Dedicated propane vehicles or propane bi-fuel vehicles operate from a centralized propane refueling station located on your premises which saves time and operating expenses.

Propane-fueled vehicles and equipment offer the following benefits:

  • Fleet operators can earn alternative fuel tax credit of 50 cents per every gallon of propane sold.
  • Reduce fleet maintenance costs and increase engine life.
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions, nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, and particulate  emissions in comparison to fleets fueled by gasoline.
  • Promote environmentally friendly transportation throughout the community because of their high visibility.
  • Ensure the reliable operation of essential emergency and security vehicles.
  • Support the use of domestically produced fuel, decreasing reliance on foreign imports.