Choose a home heating system that’s efficient, can save you money and make your carbon footprints a lot smaller. Our propane home heating services offer you the performance and versatility you need to heat you home quickly and safely.

Benefits of Propane Home Heating:

• No More Oil Tank – If your heating system is 20+ years old, how old is the oil tank in your basement? Getting rid of this tank eliminates associated odors and the risk of leaks, and frees up valuable space in your home.

• High Efficiency – Some appliances are now up to 96% efficient, meaning more value for your dollar and less energy wasted up the chimney.

• Versatility – In addition to heating, you can also use propane for fireplaces, cooking, clothes dryers, emergency power generators and even a connection for your backyard grill.

• Cost Effective – When you compare the cost of propane into your overall energy spending, you will see savings in reduced maintenance, lower electric bills (as compared to electric appliances) and lower propane pricing.

• Energy Savings – By using propane for central heat, you lower your cost to operate your stove, clothes dryer, fireplace, generator and any other propane appliances in your home.

• Lower Maintenance – Oil-fueled systems require timely cleaning and maintenance, which can be costly. But propane-fueled appliances and equipment need lower maintenance and attention comparatively.

Top Five Reasons To Choose Propane For Your Home And Residential Heating

Here are five reasons why converting from oil or electric to propane for your residential heating should be at the top of your must have list.

    1. Propane is good for the environment. Appliances powered by propane are 10-15% more efficient than oil and electric. They emit fewer toxins into the environment. Because propane is nontoxic, it won’t harm water, land or your family.
    1. With ThompsonGas’ propane gas service, you could save $500-$1,000 each year on energy bills. Compared to current oil and electric prices, home propane pricescan save you nearly $1.40 per gallon! That means your family will have more money to do the things you love instead of paying hefty energy bills. Additional tax credits and incentives deliver additional money in your pocket as well.
    1. Propane is a safe fuel. Propane equipment and appliances are manufactured to rigorous standards. When compared with other petroleum products, propane has a narrow range of flammability and won’t ignite when combined with air unless the source of ignition reaches at least 940 degrees Fahrenheit. Propane can’t be ingested like gasoline or alcohol fuels either.
    1. Propane service lets your family do the things you love. Because propane is so versatile, it can be used for a number of applications at home: propane home heating during winter, grilling on the weekends, to power camping stoves during summer, heating your swimming pool, fueling your indoor fireplace, and more. Propane is the top choice fuel for reliable family fun.
    1. Propane gas service by ThompsonGas is convenient. We handle it all — from the installation and repair, to propane delivery, servicing and more. We’ll bring propane to you and your home, come rain or snow, to ensure your family has safe, warm propane when you need it most. You’ll never worry about running out of propane again with ThompsonGas on your team.