Think Outside The Tanksm with a Community Propane System by ThompsonGas.

A ThompsonGas propane system will provide energy to your community from centralized locations. Gone are the days of installing propane tanks at every home in your development. Your development would be fueled by an underground distribution system that delivers propane, just like Natural Gas.  

Why Propane?
Out of options? Is your development out of reach of natural gas lines and the cost of extending to your site too expensive? Would you like to offer your home buyers quality appliances that use gas, such as warm-air furnaces, fireplaces, gas stoves and gas dryers, rather than expensive to operate “all-electric” homes? Propane is green, clean burning, efficient, and can deliver the heat that your customer desires. Additionally, propane costs have been historically less than electricity.

How will your community benefit?

• Centralized tank(s) eliminates the need for a tank on every building lot.

• Efficient, reliable propane service with automatic deliveries for your centralized community propane tank.

What’s in it for you?

• Clean burning, green fuel, no more unsightly tanks in the customers’ yards, and safety to back it up, all mean your customers’ satisfaction, and your community has an advantage over other “all-electric” communities nearby.

• Our innovative design and efficient propane delivery service give your community the competitive edge.

• Allow us to handle the infrastructure work and offer you our turnkey solution at a minimal cost to you.

ThompsonGas : The Trusted Name for Community Propane Systems.
ThompsonGas currently has 22 Community Propane Systems. As the “Trusted Name in Propane”, ThompsonGas will provide you with the expertise that a community system demands for your development. From concept and development to operations and supply, ThompsonGas will be there to ensure quality performance of your community system.

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